FAQ & Process Details

Nerd Gold JP is your link between buying items in Japan and your doorstep!

To keep fees reasonable, process efficient, and because you know exactly what you're looking for, I rely on customers to find the parts they're looking for on Yahoo Auctions or any other Japanese websites and then send me the link.

1) Send Nerd Gold JP the link to the auction/item you want to win/buy.
- IMPORTANT: include your country and postal code when you send the link.
- FOR LARGE ITEMS LIKE LIPS/BUMPERS, include general measurements of the item based on measuring the car (rocker panel length, lip mounting location bumper width and depth, etc).  This will GREATLY help with estimating costs.
2) I'll send you an estimate with total cost to your door.
3) To place a bid, a deposit equal to your maximum bid (or the purchase price) is required.
- Your deposit is refundable if the auction is lost, OR it will be applied to balance if item is won (PayPal fees cannot be refunded).
4) I'll enter your maximum bid and then we wait for the auction to close.  If you win, I'll will handle all communication with the seller, payment, and logistics to get it to my location.
5) When the item arrives, I'll pack it to ensure safe transport and notify you with shipping options.
6) Once shipping method is selected, you'll pay the remaining balance due prior to shipping (remember your deposit becomes a credit toward the final amount due).
7) Once shipped, you'll be provided with automatic email tracking updates.

1) BIDDING ON YAHOO AUCTIONS: Start with your maximum bid. Once I enter your bid, Yahoo Auctions will auto-bid for you up to your maximum bid amount, so you won't be outbid until a higher bid than your maximum bid is entered.  (And you won't pay more than the initial entry bid price if no one else bids.)
2) Don't get emotional and be realistic. There will be more; and/or, if it really is that rare, see Tip #1.  As things have gotten rarer and Yahoo Auctions more accessible, the days of the ultra bargains are somewhat over - be realistic with what you bid.

CHASSIS CODE + PART NAME: the most efficient way to search is based on chassis code (or equivalent chassis) and the part name in Japanese.  I have list of Japanese part names on the website to help with that.
EUROPE CUSTOMERS: try a VPN with Japan location, or a third party host website like Buyee, Zenmarket, or Jauce to view Yahoo Auctions.  Other Europe based customers have had success with those methods while YAJ is blocked in your region currently.
ENGLISH SUPPORT: searching Yahoo Auctions takes a bit of practice and familiarity - the more you use it the easier it gets.  To shortcut that, you can use a third party host website like Buyee, Zenmarket, or Jauce to search in English and send me the link from those website as well.  Copying and pasting into google translate works as well.

In order to best serve you, I try to be flexible in what I can handle and process so there are different options below to accomodate different situations. Please ask if you have any questions:

SMALL ITEMS: ¥2,500 minimum service fee or 7% of purchase price or auction closing price (whichever is greater). For consolidated shipments, additional items are a reduced ¥1,500 minimum service fee (or 7% whichever is greater).

WHEELS: ¥2,500 per wheel minimum service fee or 7% whichever is greater
• Tire removal and disposal = ¥1,600 each

LARGE ITEMS w/CUSTOM BOXING: ¥5,000 per item or 7% (whichever is greater). Example items: folded bumpers, lips, bucket seats, semi-bucket seats, items requiring a custom box to be made.
• Splitting semi-bucket reclinable seats (i.e. Recaro SR3, Bride Brix, etc) = ¥4,000 each
• Component removal (lip spoiler removal from bumper, components removed from doors, unneeded items disposed of, etc.) = ¥5,000 each

DIFFERENTIALS: disassembling a differential housing (pumpkin) in order to ship the LSD or ring and pinion = ¥10,000

***NOTE: all transactions will be processed and billed in Japanese yen. Please use xe.com or google to get an idea of current exchange rates.***

• Purchase price or Auction closing price (pre-tax if seller is a store)
• Bank payment transfer fee (¥500)
• Shipping within Japan to Nerd Gold JP
• Service fee
• Shipping to you

¥7,800 auction closing price
¥500 bank transfer fee
¥600 shipping to Nerd Gold
¥2,500 service fee (minimum service fee in this case)
¥3,150 shipping to you
¥14,550 total

¥50,000 auction closing price
¥500 bank transfer fee
¥3,000 shipping to Nerd Gold
¥3,200 tire removal/disposal
¥5,000 wheel service fee (¥2,500 each)
¥16,000 shipping to you
¥77,700 total

Nearly anything is possible!  Service availability and cost will vary by country, but here's a general rundown. PLEASE, PROVIDE YOUR COUNTRY AND POSTAL CODE WITH YOUR INQUIRY!
EMS - 5-10 days transit times. Cost calculated based on weight but size limited.  1.5m length limit AND Length + Circumference has to be less that 3m total. EMS Rate Chart can be seen here so you can get an idea for yourself: EMS RATE CHART 
DHL - 3-10 days transit times. Cost calculated based on overall size without size limits. This is generally the only option for body parts and bucket seat. VERY ROUGHLY expect ¥60,000-200,000+ shipping costs for seats and body parts.  The voids in the larger shipping box can be filled (within reason) without incurring extra shipping charges (i.e. headlights packed in the arch of the bumper, etc).
SURFACE MAIL - 2-3+ months transit times (hard to really speculate transit times currently). The same or smaller size restrictions than EMS, but the cheapest option overall.  Service is operated by JP Post (same as EMS).

As listed in the service fees breakdown above, I can provide various methods to reduce shipping charges depending on the item. Money saved in shipping will greatly outweigh the additional service fee. Reclinable semi-bucket seats can be separated top and bottom, FRP aero can be cut and packaged much smaller, LSD's removed from differential housings, etc. If it's not listed, it's still probably possible. Please inquire.

Email via the contact form above or DM me on Instagram @nerdgold.jp with link to the item, shipping destination country and postal code, and dimensions for body parts (if applicable).