DC2 Clutch Hydraulics Refresh Set

¥8,840 JPY - ¥22,880 JPY
DC2 Clutch Hydraulics Refresh Set

Clutch master cylinder, slave cylinder, clutch master cylinder mounting gasket and pin.

Includes Part Numbers:
46920-ST0-013 Clutch Master Cylinder
46928-SF1-000 Clutch Master Cylinder, Firewall Seal
9420120220 Cotter Pin for Clutch Pedal Pin
46930-SR3-013 Slave Cylinder

**Goodridge braided clutch line picture but not included. Clutch lines can be ordered on on request - Spoon, Seeker, J's Racing, Goodridge, etc. Price and availability will vary. Please email prior to purchasing if you'd like to include one with your order.