Payment Methods

Buying Service Payment Options:
  1. PayPal: 5% PayPal fee will be added to Buying Service purchases.  This method offers Buyer/Seller protection per the standard PayPal policy.  Credit card, Debit, ACH payments, etc.  There isn't a free "Friends and Family" option for currency conversion/international payments.
  2. Wise: Much lower transaction fees and better exchange rate than PayPal without the buyer/seller protection.  This is the most cost effective payment solution but offered in fewer currencies.  Credit/debit card payments are not possible, currently.
  3. Bank Transfer:  With the ease of use of the other two methods, this is pretty much reserved for large purchases (like vehicles, OG Mugen parts, or Blitz 03's, haha).

Nerd Gold JP Online Store:
  • The website processes payment through PayPal.  You can pay with all PayPal accepted methods - credit card, debit card, ACH transfer, etc.