My name is Steve and I'm a mega car nerd.  What started with an obsession with Japanese cars and parts has grown into helping fellow car nerds around the world collect their favorite rare and discontinued JDM auto parts and collectibles.  Nerd Gold JP is based in and operated from Kanagawa, Japan.

Nerd Gold JP is here to help you acquire those hard to find JDM items handling everything in Japan: buying, inspection, and packing and shipping to get it safely to your door. 

Nerd Gold JP can assist with:
  • Buying parts/goods from Yahoo Auctions, UpGarage, JMTY, Mercari, etc
  • Buying parts/goods from tuning shops
  • Buying items from any Japanese online stores - Rakuten, Yahoo Shopping, etc.
  • Car inspections at dealerships and private parties

Who is Nerd Gold JP:
To see what I’m up to or get a better idea of who I am, you can find me on my YouTube channel, Brickhouse SPL, or Instagram, @brickhouse.spl, where I cover Japanese time attack, drifting, car events with car features and shop tours sprinkled in.

Nerd Gold JP is owned and operated by Steven Maxwell Martin.