Nerd Gold JP started from one car nerd’s love of Japanese cars and parts and has grown into offering my fellow car nerds around the globe the ability to collect their favorite old, rare, and discontinued JDM auto parts and collectibles.  

I’ve sent hundreds of sets of wheels and parts all over the world helping many “customers” (who generally become friends) build their cars and collections with hard to access Japanese market parts and goodies.  From automotive to collectibles, you send me the link and I send you the item.

Nerd Gold JP is here to help you acquire those hard to find JDM items handling everything on the Japan side: buying, inspection, packing, and handling the logistics of getting it safely to your door. 

Order consolidation is not a problem and there is no additional fee for it!  Your orders will be held here until you’re ready to ship and then packing is consolidated accordingly to minimize shipping costs while ensuring safety in transport.  A great way to buy multiple items and save on shipping.

Common shipping options (availability depends on item):

  • EMS: ~3-10 to North America with insurance and tracking each step of the way
  • DHL: fast service with a larger allowable size limit
  • Surface mail: Expect at least 2-3 months shipping via ocean freight.  Insured with tracking but updates are much less frequent.  Hard to give a close estimate of arrival currently.

Nerd Gold JP can assist with:

  • Buying parts/goods from Yahoo Auctions, UpGarage, JMTY, Mercari, etc
  • Buying items off any Japanese online retail stores as well
  • Car inspections at dealerships and private parties

Process Overview (see Yahoo Auctions page for more):

  • You send the link
  • Nerd Gold JP will send you an estimated total cost to your door
  • You’ll then place a deposit (generally item cost) via Paypal and the item will be bought
  • Once the item arrives at Nerd Gold JP, we'll discuss shipping options and ship once you've paid the remainder.

Who is Nerd Gold JP:

My name is Steve and I’m the owner/operator of Nerd Gold JP.  Japanese cars started taking over my life in college; when I should have been studying, I was surely on the forums (likely zilvia.net). I got my start building my first KA-T S14 and drifting in the U.S. and the same love and enjoyment continues on in building my current time attack DC2 Integra here in Japan.  I still thoroughly enjoy this hobby and these cars.  I’m also admittedly a HUGE wheel nerd - the right wheels in the right specs make a build!  To see what I’m up to or get a better idea of who I am, you can find me on YouTube Brickhouse SPL or Instagram @brickhouse.spl where I cover Japanese time attack and drifting with a deep look at the cars and shop tours.


Nerd Gold JP is owned and operated by Steven Maxwell Martin and based in Kanagawa, Japan.